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Who Can Use A Straight Razor?

Who Can Use A Straight Razor

In the state of Texas, the only professional that is legally allowed to use a straight edge razor is a professional barber. This is because these razors require a certain level of skill to provide the closest shave without endangering the person receiving the shave. At our school we train our students how to offer a close shave with the safest straight razor shaving techniques. This includes learning how to prepare the skin with a hot towel, how to hold the blade safely, and more.

According to Texas Dept. of Licensing and Regulation – TDLR, Cosmetology operators may shave a person’s neck, mustache and beard using a safety razor. This will not offer the same quality of grooming as shaving with a stainless steel straight razor.

A safety razor is a razor that is fitted with a guard close to the cutting edge of the razor. The guard is intended to prevent the razor from cutting too deeply and reduces the risk and incidence of accidental cuts.

  • – Safety razors MUST include a guard close to the cutting edge.
  • – Cosmetology operators may NOT shave using a straight razor.
  • – Common disposable razors like those sold at retail stores DO fit the definition of “safety razor.”


If you are looking to provide the highest quality grooming services for your clients, you will want to be trained in shaving with a straight razor.


Flexible Barber Classes in Houston, Texas

All of our courses are accessible to individuals with families and careers because of our flexible scheduling and affordable rates. If you have been considering making a change and exploring new ways to use your barber skills, schedule a tour of our licensed barber school today. We will answer any questions you have and provide you with a more in-depth explanation about the course. Call us to schedule an appointment to come by and take a tour of our school.


Quality Barber College in Houston, TX

Quality Barber College has built a state-of-the-art facility that stands out from any other barber school in the area, setting the tone for the quality education we provide. We chose our location to make commuting easy for students throughout the Greater Houston area.

Our staff offers hands-on training to ensure every student gains the skills and knowledge they need to pass their state licensing exam and become a successful barber in Texas. We offer a range of courses for part-time and full-time students. These courses include Class A Barber classes, cosmetology to barber crossover classes, and barber instructor classes.


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