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Class A Barber

Clock Hours/Program Length:
1,000 Clock Hours
30 Weeks Full-Time; 34 Hours Per Week
50 Weeks Part-Time; 20 Hours Per Week
Course Description:

The Class A Barber Program consist of 1,000 hours of instruction. The course includes a combination of theory classes, practical mannequin work, and actual hands on clientele practice. The program will ensure that basic skills to more advanced skills are gained, as individuals proceed through the course. The course also ensures that students are also trained and prepared in State Board licensing applications and evaluations.

A.    Class A Barber 1,000 Curriculum Standards
(1)   Instruction in theory, consisting of: 25 Hours
(A)  History of Barbering — 1 Hours
(B)  Barber Laws and Rules Review — 1 Hour
(C)  Implements, Honing and Stropping  — 5 Hours
(D)  Shaving  — 5 Hours
(E)  Men’s Haircutting and tapering   — 5 Hours
(F)   Beard and Mustache Trimming and Design  — 1 Hour
(G)  Hair Color Review    — 1 Hour
(H)  Permanent Waving and Relaxing Review  — 1 Hour
(I)    Manicuring and Nail Care Review  — 1 Hour
(J)   Facial Treatments and Skin Care Review  — 1 Hour
(K)  Anatomy and Physiology Review — 1 Hour
(L)  Blow-dry Styling Review  — 1 Hour
(2) Instruction in practical work consisting of: 275 Hours
(A) Men’s Haircutting and tapering  – 165 Hours
(B) Shaving, Mustache and Beard Trimming – 85 Hours
(C) Hair Coloring – 5 Hours
(D) Permanent Waving and Relaxing – 5 Hours
(E) Facial Treatments – 5 Hours
(F) Shampooing and Conditioning and Blow-dry Styling – 5 Hours

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