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What is the Average Salary for a Barber?

What is the Average Salary for a Barber

Are you considering a new career as a barber but are unsure if it is a good fit for you? Becoming a barber can be very satisfying for sociable individuals with a creative streak. You get to work closely with your clients, helping them to find their specific sense of style so that they can take on life with confidence and pride in their appearance. You may be wondering ‘What is the average salary for a barber?’ keep reading to learn more.

The amount of money a barber is able to make will directly depend on their location, the number of haircuts they are able to complete, the barber’s experience level, the amount they charge, and if they work independently or for a company. The national average salary of a barber in the United States is between $35,000- $40,000 per year. This equals roughly $17 to $20 an hour. It is important to realize this is just an average amount, without tips included, and many barber salaries will greatly exceed this pay.

Renting a Chair Vs Owning Your Own Shop

Another reason why the average annual salary of a barber is lower is because of the fees associated with renting a chair. Depending on the location and the space the barber is renting, they may have to pay a percentage to the shop owner or be paid by the shop owner. These commissions can be as high as 30%.

You could also simply rent a chair, and depending on the location this could cost anywhere from a hundred to a few hundred dollars a week. Our barber making $117,000 a year may need to spend $300 to rent a chair per week, or $15,000 a year.

However, if you have the initial capital to rent out your own shop, it could allow you to keep a majority of the profits to yourself. Additionally, if the shop is large enough, you could have other barbers rent chairs from you and give you 30% of their profits.

Ways to Earn More Money As a Barber

Social Media: Social media can be a huge help when trying to grow your barber business. By building a following on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok you can attract new customers as well as promote your services. It’s also a great way to remind your current clients to come back and schedule a haircut.

Website Design: Depending on if you’re renting a chair or if you own your shop, having a professional website to promote your business can be very beneficial. By creating an online presence, customers will get more of an idea of who you are and how professional the barber experience is at your location.

Better yet, in today’s digital world people love scheduling appointments online. It’s much more convenient for you because you don’t have to manage your phone as much and easier for your customers.

Referrals and Word of Mouth: The best way to get customers is through your past clients. If you want to earn more money, it’s important that you provide quality service and build relationships with each client. Not only will referrals help fill up your shop during slow times but they are also less likely to leave for other barbers if they have good experiences working with you.

Local Business Listing: Listing your barber business on online directories such as Yelp, Google Business, and Bing can be a great way to get more customers. The key is ensuring that you have good reviews from past clients so prospective customers feel comfortable booking an appointment with you. If they see a lot of negative feedback it will make them much less likely to consider you as an option.

Digital Advertising: Finally, digital advertising can be a great way to get customers into your shop. You don’t need much capital to start advertising online and it’s an easy method that you can test out with small amounts of money. While the initial customer acquisition cost may be high, if your customer retention is more than a few months, the initial cost may be worth it.

Quality Barber College in Houston, TX

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