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Quality Education and Training to Pass Your Barber Exam

At Quality Barber College, we take immense pride in our commitment to providing adaptable and accommodating scheduling options that cater to the diverse needs of all our students. Frequently, individuals who visit our institution or reach out for additional details pose the question, “Is it possible for me to embark on a journey to become a proficient barber in less than a year?” The resounding answer to this inquiry is a definite yes!


Within our establishment, we present two distinct educational paths that lead to the attainment of a Class-A Barber status in the state of Texas. One avenue is designed for those students who possess the capability to engage in full-time participation, while the other avenue is tailored to accommodate individuals seeking a part-time approach to their learning experience. Remarkably, both of these educational tracks can be successfully completed within the span of less than a year. It is essential to acknowledge that we understand the uniqueness of our students’ circumstances, and while the precise duration of program completion may vary, we generally adhere to the following guidelines for the respective courses:


Class A Barber Curriculum

Total Clock Hours/Program Length:


1,000 Clock Hours


Full-Time: 30 Weeks; 34 Hours Per Week


Part-Time: 50 Weeks; 20 Hours Per Week


Curriculum Overview:


The comprehensive Class A Barber Program encompasses 1,000 instructional hours. This structured curriculum encompasses a harmonious blend of theoretical classes, hands-on work with mannequins, and practical experience with actual clients. The program guarantees the acquisition of foundational skills progressing toward advanced expertise as students navigate through the course. Furthermore, the curriculum ensures thorough preparation for State Board licensing applications and evaluations.


Immediate Post-Graduation Barber Status

However, it is important to note that immediate graduation does not automatically confer barber licensure. To achieve licensed barber status, completion of the barber program is mandatory, followed by successful clearance of a two-part state licensing examination.


Examination Outcomes


Upon completion of the written examination, your test results will be promptly displayed on the screen, and a comprehensive score report will be transmitted to your registered email address. To ensure timely receipt of your results on the day of your examination, maintaining an up-to-date email address in our records is of paramount importance. You can conveniently update your contact details online by accessing the provided link.


To attain a passing grade, a score of 70% or higher is requisite for the examination. Should the need arise, you are afforded the opportunity to retake the exam multiple times until successful passage is achieved. However, it is pertinent to acknowledge that each reattempt might necessitate the payment of additional examination fees.


The Essence of the Matter

For those who aspire to join the ranks of licensed barbers within the state of Texas, the initial stride involves enrolling in an accredited barber school that ensures comprehensive preparation for the state licensing examination, consequently paving the way for a triumphant career as a skilled professional in the field of barbering. Our dedicated team is unwaveringly committed to shepherding you toward success and will diligently guide you throughout every stage of your educational journey.


Adaptable Barber Programs in Houston, Texas

Our array of courses is deliberately designed to cater to individuals who are juggling familial responsibilities and existing careers. This is made possible by our flexible scheduling options and budget-friendly tuition rates. If you have been contemplating a transformative shift and wish to explore fresh avenues for harnessing your barbering prowess, we cordially invite you to schedule a comprehensive tour of our esteemed licensed barber school. During this visit, your inquiries will be comprehensively addressed, and an in-depth elucidation of the course structure will be provided. To arrange an appointment for an informative tour of our institution, kindly reach out to us via phone.


Quality Barber College in Houston, TX

Our institution, Quality Barber College, has dedicatedly constructed a state-of-the-art facility that stands as a beacon of distinction amidst other barber schools in the vicinity, thereby setting the tone for the exceptional standard of education we deliver. The selection of our location has been carefully orchestrated to facilitate convenient commuting for students spanning the Greater Houston area.


Our proficient staff employs a hands-on approach to training, thereby ensuring that every student garners the requisite skills and knowledge essential for acing the state licensing examination and emerging as a triumphant barber within the vibrant realm of Texas. We extend an array of course offerings catering to both part-time and full-time students, encompassing an assortment of classes such as Class A Barber, cosmetology to barber crossover, and barber instructor courses.


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