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Number 1 Barber School in Houston Quality Barber College

Quality Barber College Houston

Are you aspiring to become a skilled barber and looking for the best barber school in Houston? Look no further than Quality Barber College. With a commitment to excellence, a flexible schedule designed to fit your needs, a state-of-the-art facility, and a dedication to inclusivity, we are proud to be recognized as the number one choice for barber education in Houston.


Flexible Scheduling to Suit Your Lifestyle

At Quality Barber College, we understand that pursuing a career in barbering can be a dream for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a full-time student, a working professional looking for a career change, or someone with other commitments, our flexible scheduling options are tailored to fit your lifestyle.


We offer both full-time and part-time classes, allowing you to choose a schedule that works best for you. This flexibility ensures that you can pursue your passion for barbering without compromising your existing commitments. Our night classes are particularly popular among those who have daytime responsibilities, making it convenient for everyone to access high-quality barber education.


State-of-the-Art Facility

Quality Barber College takes pride in providing students with a modern and well-equipped learning environment. Our newly designed facility is equipped with the latest barbering tools and equipment, creating an atmosphere where you can refine your skills and creativity. We believe that a top-notch education requires top-notch resources, and our facility reflects that commitment.


Our facility is more than just a place to learn; it’s a space that inspires creativity and fosters growth. Our classrooms are designed to simulate real-world barbering scenarios, giving you the hands-on experience you need to excel in the industry. When you choose Quality Barber College, you are choosing an education that prepares you for success in the ever-evolving world of barbering.


Inclusive Learning for All

At Quality Barber College, we take pride in our diverse student community. We understand that our students come from different backgrounds, speak various languages, and have unique learning needs. That’s why we offer bilingual education to cater to both English and Spanish-speaking students.


Our instructors are proficient in both languages, ensuring that every student can fully understand and engage with the curriculum. We believe that diversity enriches the learning experience and prepares our students to work with a wide range of clients in the real world. By accommodating multiple languages, we’re breaking down barriers and empowering our students to thrive in a multicultural society.


Preparing You for Success

One of our primary goals at Quality Barber College is to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to pass your state licensing exam and embark on a successful career in barbering. Our curriculum is designed to cover all aspects of the barbering profession, from cutting and styling hair to maintaining a clean and safe work environment.


Our experienced instructors are passionate about sharing their expertise and industry insights with you. They are dedicated to helping you master the techniques and gain the confidence necessary to excel in the field. We not only teach you the art of barbering but also provide guidance on customer service, business management, and industry trends.


In addition to our comprehensive curriculum, we offer practical training that allows you to apply your skills in real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience is invaluable in building your confidence and expertise as a barber.


Support Beyond Graduation

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end when you graduate. At Quality Barber College, we offer ongoing support to help you launch your career and establish yourself as a professional barber. We provide job placement assistance and networking opportunities to connect you with potential employers and mentors in the industry.


Moreover, we believe in the importance of continuing education. Barbering is a dynamic field, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques is crucial for long-term success. We offer advanced courses and workshops to help you further hone your skills and stay at the forefront of the industry.


Quality Barber College in Houston stands out as the number one choice for aspiring barbers. Our flexible scheduling options, state-of-the-art facility, commitment to inclusivity, and dedication to your success make us the ideal place to pursue your barbering dreams. Whether you’re a full-time student, a part-time learner, or someone looking for a fresh start in a new career, we have the resources and expertise to help you thrive in the world of barbering.


Join us at Quality Barber College, where we nurture talent, celebrate diversity, and shape future barbers who excel in their craft and have a lasting impact on the industry. Your journey to becoming a skilled and successful barber starts here. Choose Quality Barber College for an education that sets you on the path to greatness.


Quality Barber College in Houston, TX

Our institution, Quality Barber College, has dedicatedly constructed a state-of-the-art facility that stands as a beacon of distinction amidst other barber schools in the vicinity, thereby setting the tone for the exceptional standard of education we deliver. The selection of our location has been carefully orchestrated to facilitate convenient commuting for students spanning the Greater Houston area.


Quality Barber College
12363 S Main Street
Houston, TX 77035
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