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How Do I Become a Barber?

Are you interested in start a barber career? The students that have completed the barber program at Quality Barber College leave our school prepared to have a successful and fulfilling career in this creative field. If you are interested in learning more about our school, schedule an appointment to tour our facility.

What is a barber?

A barber is a cosmetic professional who cuts and styles hair. They typically specialize in cutting and styling short hair. Barbers also gain training to care for facial hair and can help with scalp treatments. Aside from grooming, barbers also perform spa treatments such as massages. Being sociable and personable is also a large part of their job, as this helps give clients a great experience.

What does a barber do?

The primary role of a barber is to cut peoples’ hair. Other job duties include:

  • Consulting with clients to understand their styling needs
  • Trimming and shape clients’ facial hair
  • Washing hair with shampoo and conditioner
  • Applying treatments to hair
  • Styling hair and give styling suggestions
  • Cleaning area after each client
  • Organizing combs, scissors, razors and styling tools
  • Giving massages for face, neck and scalp
  • Training apprentices

Skills for barbers

Successful barbers use a combination of interpersonal and technical grooming skills, such as:

  • Dexterity: Control of their hands, stability and coordination are important to help give precise cuts and trims of client’s hair and facial hair.
  • Stamina: Barbers may be on their feet through most of their shift.
  • Customer service: Providing great customer service brings clients into the barbershop and ensures a great experience.
  • Active listening: Clients explain to barbers what services they want and may have special requests for their personal styling.
  • Communication: Verbal skills are useful for client consults, and barbers often are very conversational while they work with clients.
  • Assessment: Barbers evaluate their work while they groom clients and need to determine the next steps as they go to provide accurate styling.
  • Time management: It is important for barbers to adhere to their schedule and complete styling with clients in a timely manner so they can prepare for their next client.

Steps to become a barber

If you are considering a career as a barber, you can follow these five steps to become one:

1. Choose a training program

For aspiring barbers, there are three common options for training programs:

Barber program

In barber programs, students receive their training within a year, then they are ready for licensure. A barber program provides lessons on cutting, styling and treating hair. Students get hands-on experience with these and other grooming services to help prepare for their licensing exam. Often, students also learn how to manage a barbershop and the best practices for interacting with clients.

Cosmetology degree

A cosmetology degree which can typically take one to two years to complete. A cosmetology degree involves courses on skin treatments and conditions, hair cutting and styling techniques, business practices and laws that govern the industry. Students receive experience grooming clients, which helps prepare for licensure. In order to become a barber with a cosmetology degree, you may need to take a course specifically on barber techniques, since they work mainly on short hair and facial hair.

(Additionally, you will need to complete a Cosmetology Crossover Course in order to brand yourself as a barber or offer many common barber services.)

Online courses

Online courses are an option both for new students and for barbers who need to renew their license. Online courses offer flexibility in obtaining training for barber skills. Courses may offer knowledge on physiology, business ethics, sanitation, hairstyling techniques and skin treatments.

Barber licensing requires work experience with clients, so students cannot complete their training entirely online, but it can be a helpful option to gain some credits that may transfer to a more comprehensive program

2. Complete an apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is on-the-job training for a profession. A barber training program usually includes an apprenticeship to help students get the necessary work hours to qualify for licensure. The amount of hours a barber needs before taking a licensing exam can vary by state, but it is typically 1,500 hours, which students acquire both in school and during an apprenticeship.

(At Quality Barber College you get all of your hand’s on training and hours in our facility, preparing you to take the state licensing exam)

3. Take licensure test

Before being able to practice professionally, a student takes the barber license exam. This exam typically involves a written test with questions about client physiology, sanitation, skin treatment and business ethics and a physical component which requires students to demonstrate hairstyling skills such as trimming, washing, blow drying and shaving facial hair.

4. Apply to barber shops

Once you obtain a barber’s license, you can apply to work in a barbershop, salon, spa or treatment center. Employers typically post open positions online, but you may wish to inquire with local salons or barbershops you’re interested in working for about job opportunities.

5. Renew your license

Barbers maintain their license by taking courses and completing work hours each year. Social and fashion trends can influence hairstyling careers and the techniques barbers use, and continuous work with clients can help ensure a mastery of these trends. Continuing education courses also help barbers stay up-to-date on health practices and business law.

To renew a barber’s license, most states require you to apply online for license renewal and pay a small fee, and some employers may help cover this cost. However, if your license is inactive for three or more years, most states require you to take the examination again.

Quality Barber College in Houston, TX

Quality Barber College has built a state-of-the-art facility that stands out from any other barber school in the area, setting the tone for the quality education we provide. We chose our location to make commuting easy for students throughout the Greater Houston area.

Our staff offers hands-on training to ensure every student gains the skills and knowledge they need to pass their state licensing exam and become a successful barber in Texas. We offer a range of courses for part-time and full-time students. These courses include Class A Barber classes, cosmetology to barber crossover classes, and barber instructor classes.


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