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Can I work and go to barber school at the same time?

Can I work and go to barber school at the same time

For many individuals, the burden of work can get in the way of pursuing passions and education. This can make it difficult to find the time to do the things that you need in order to propel yourself forward. At Quality Barber College in Houston, we have set up a system to help you succeed. Our school offers flexible full-time and part-time courses to accommodate your busy schedule. There is no reason you should have to choose between working and going to school, do both when you sign up for classes with QBC today!


What Is Barbering?

Barbering is a traditional art that has been carried down for centuries. Many modern barbers use the same tools and techniques today that were around hundreds of years ago. While styles have changed, the core principles of barbering remain the same. In order to be a successful barber you must have precision, skill, a steady hand, and a sharp eye for detail. Barbers specialize in the art of cutting, trimming, and styling hair, mustaches, and beards. Barbers cater their services to masculine hair styling. There has been a recent rise in popularity in students practicing the art of barbery, leading to a rise in demand for more barbers.


What courses are offered at Quality Barber College?

Class A Barber: Become a licensed barber in 30 to 50 weeks when you sign up today.

Cosmetology Crossover: Are you already a cosmetologist? Continue your education at Quality Barber College and become licensed as a barber in 8 to 15 weeks.

Barber Instructor: Take your barber education to the next level and become a licensed instructor in 20-38 weeks.

Barber Refresher Courses: Brush up on the basics to refine your barber skills and pass the state licensing test with our refresher courses.


Why Should I Attend Barber School?

According to NationalBarbers.org:

If you wanted to be a chef in a nice restaurant, you would attend culinary school to get the proper training and learn all the prerequisites, before applying. If you wanted to be a business titan, you would go to school and choose a major in your desired field of practice.

This all goes for a career in barbering, too.  

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), every state mandates that a barber must complete barber school and become licensed in order to practice in that state. If you don’t go to school to undergo the necessary training in barbering, you cannot legitimately work in this field. Be advised every state has slightly different requirements, so read up on yours before doing anything else!

OccupationalLicensing.com indicates that barbering is the “fourth most heavily regulated occupation among moderate-income occupations,” when compared to other types of occupational licenses.

This means that there is absolutely no way to work around this requirement.

If you want a barber career, you must go to school to earn a license.


When Can I Start Barber School?

At Quality Barber College we are dedicated to your success. This is why we make it easier than ever before for students to enroll in barber school. We offer part-time and full-time barber courses that start whenever you are ready! Most barber schools make you work around their schedule, but at Quality Barber College we offer flexible scheduling that allows you to build your future without the hassle. For students enrolled in our full-time Class A Barber Course, the class curriculum lasts for 30 weeks, for part-time students enrolled in this course, they can graduate in 50 weeks.


Quality Barber College in Houston

Quality Barber College has built a state of the art facility that stands out from any other barber school in the area, setting the tone for the quality education we provide. We chose our location to make commuting easy for students throughout the Greater Houston area. Our staff offers hands-on training to ensure every student gains the skills and knowledge they need to pass their state licensing exam and become a successful barber in Texas. We offer a variety of courses for part-time and full-time students including Class A Barber classes, cosmetology to barber crossover classes, barber instructor classes, and refresher courses for those looking to sharpen their skill set. Quality Barber College proudly accepts students from all over the Greater Houston area including Alief, Fondren Houston, Hiram Clarke Houston, Meyerland, Missouri City, Pearland, Reliant/NRG, South Post Oak, Southwest Houston, Sugar Land, and other surrounding areas.  If you are looking for a quality education without compromise, contact us today.


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