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Barber School Enrollment in Houston

Barber School Enrollment in Houston

Why Become A Barber?

A career in barbery offers a unique opportunity to combine creativity with practicality and tradition. Barbery has been around for thousands of years, and has led to a forever expanding community that has recently experienced a revival. More and more people are turning towards actual barber shops to indulge in the full-service culture that surrounds them. If you like socializing and staying on top of current trends, a career as a barber may be exactly what you are looking for!


What Are The Career Options For A Barber?

According to Study.com

When most people think of a barber, they think of someone who snips and clips hair at a shop with a striped pole out front. While many barbers still work in traditional barbershops, a new variety of career options and opportunities has become available. Barbers can work for themselves, find careers in the personal care industry or teach in barber training programs.


Self-Employed Barbers

Many barbers work on a self-employed basis, either in their own barber shops or in spaces they have leased in businesses such as salons, hotels and spas. Barbers who lease typically supply their own personal care products and tools and pay a fee or rent to the business’ owner. Self-employed barbers usually have to manage their own taxes and provide their own benefits, such as insurance and retirement plans.


Personal Care Services

Barbers often find jobs in the personal care industry working in a variety of locations, such as established barber shops, resorts and cruise ships. Nursing homes and retirement communities often hire barbers to provide services for their residents. Barbers are frequently employed by government agencies to provide haircuts at military bases and public institutions, such as hospitals or prisons.


Educational Instructors

Since many states require prospective barbers to attend training programs before they can obtain a license, there is a need for barber instructors. Many schools hire experienced licensed barbers to teach students the skills needed to wash, cut and style hair, mustaches and beards. Potential instructors may need to meet additional licensing requirements to teach.


Barber School Enrollment in Houston

Our barber school enrollment in Houston is open all year long. This allows our students to begin classes at a time that works best for them. We offer flexible scheduling because we understand that full-time schooling is not right for everyone’s lifestyle. No matter what your reason for choosing part-time classes over full-time may be, the team at Quality Barber College is here to help you. Not only do we offer part-time and full-time options for all of the barber courses we offer, but we also allow students to start school at their convenience Many barber colleges work with fixed schedules, telling you when you have to start, but QBC offers open enrollment to all of our students.


Quality Education. Quality Results. 

At Quality Barber College we understand the importance of your time, money, and energy. This is why strive for quality in all that we do. We work closely with our students to ensure they are fully prepared for their state licensing exams, in order to become a licensed barber after completing their course at our Houston barber school. Our state of the art facility sets the tone for the quality of education you receive with us. When you step into our college you will see the amount of effort we put into ensuring our students are successful once they graduate. Contact us today to learn more about how you can become a barber in Houston!


Quality Barber College in Houston, TX

Quality Barber College has built a state of the art facility that stands out from any other barber school in the area, setting the tone for the quality education we provide. We chose our location to make commuting easy for students throughout the Greater Houston area. Our staff offers hands-on training to ensure every student gains the skills and knowledge they need to pass their state licensing exam and become a successful barber in Texas. We offer a variety of courses for part-time and full-time students including Class A Barber classes, cosmetology to barber crossover classes, barber instructor classes, and refresher courses for those looking to sharpen their skill set. Quality Barber College proudly accepts students from all over the Greater Houston area including Alief, Fondren Houston, Hiram Clarke Houston, Meyerland, Missouri City, Pearland, Reliant/NRG, South Post Oak, Southwest Houston, Sugar Land, and other surrounding areas.  If you are looking for a quality education without compromise, contact us today.


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