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10 More Important Skills Every Barber Should Have

In our last blog post, we shared 10 valuable skills for barbers from Indeed.com. Today we are sharing 10 more important skills every barber should have in order to have a successful career in this competitive field.


After they complete their training program and earn experience, you often can set your own schedule. This can mean your earning potential can depend on your motivation to book clients. You can benefit from having a strong sense of self-motivation when learning new practices, finding new clients and setting their own hours.

Knowledge of fashion trends

Current fashion and hairstyle trends can affect what services clients may request. Being able to understand and keep track of these trends can help you ensure you are staying relevant and able to accommodate requests.

Having knowledge of current pop culture trends regarding hair and grooming practices can also help you understand what styles, colors and cuts their clients are referring to without excessive elaboration. For example, if a celebrity has a haircut that others want to emulate, it can be helpful to know who the celebrity is and what they look like.


Barbers can benefit from having strong focus skills and being detail-oriented when performing their services. Focusing on little details can help you accommodate a client’s specific request, such as matching an exact hair color or shaving a beard exactly as the client wants. Your focus can also help you keep your attention on your work while also being able to talk with your clients.


Though clients may share what service they want when booking appointments, barbers can often experience an unpredictable work environment. This is because all hair and skin are different and may need special treatment, and so being adaptable can help you adjust quickly.

For example, though a barber may know a client is coming in for a shave, they may not have expected their client to have a long beard and sensitive skin. However, if they are adaptable, they can quickly come up with an approach to the shave, including how long it takes and what tools to use.


Because their work is often appointment-based, barbers can benefit from being reliable and on-time. This can help build strong relationships with clients and allow your schedule to go smoothly.


Retention is the ability to recall and remember information, and having retention skills can help you perform a variety of tasks and remember products to recommend. You can also use it as a social tactic to remember details about clients to make them feel appreciated. For example, if a regular customer has a pet they like to talk about, asking how the pet is doing can help improve the client’s mood and build a relationship between you and the client.

Knowledge of hair and skincare products

Part of a barber’s job is to recommend hair and skincare products for customers to use at home. In order to do this, you can learn about products and their effects on different hair and skin. Having extensive knowledge about this subject can help you address client concerns, explain how to use products and recommend the best product for an individual client.


Barbers can increase their clientele and earning potential by being able to market their own services. One way to do this is to ask for reviews and referrals. Having a strong social media presence can also help you reach new customers.

Basic math skills

Barbers use basic math skills to set prices for their services and complete monetary transactions. Though some barbershops have predetermined prices for their services, some barbers use basic math to calculate how many appointments they want to book in order to earn a certain amount or to provide change for customers.

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