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Refresher Course

300 hours

To properly refresh students in all aspects of the barbering industry which will result in successfully passing the state board examination. Refresher Course is also beneficial for those licensed barbers who need extra help or to sharpen their skills.

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The curriculum for a barber refresher course consists of 300 hours as follows:
curriculum for a barber refresher course
300 hours
1) Theory instruction in Texas barber law and rules 10 hours
2) Instruction in practical work, to include: 290 hours
(A) Haircutting: 160 hours
(B) Permanent waving and chemical application: 75 hours
(C) Styling, curling, and blow-drying: 55 hours

The changes to this section, as adopted by the commission on June 14, 2006, shall apply to students who enroll in a barber school on or after September 1, 2006.

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